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Drawing from an extensive technical background in acting, writing, contemporary and ethnic dance coupled with her diverse ethnic make-up and global experience, hanan is one of the most unique and compelling Middle Eastern dancers in America today. Hanan has proven to be an avant-garde and non-conformist artist in the Middle Eastern dance arena. For this reason, the Miami Herald describes her as “ [a] dominant voice in contemporary dance here”. The Miami Herald has also described her as “bold”, “charismatic”, “eclectic” and a dancer that possesses “powerful body and skill”. Encuentro Magazine from Madrid, Spain described her “as a dancer that comes from where one can touch the rooftop of the world.” Yousry Sharif, Artistic Director of the Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance in New York City, says “[hanan] can easily pass as a native dancer [Egypt].” “This is no easy task.” Inspired by her experiences training and performing in Egypt, Hanan’s 2001 production of hanan with other friendly gods and goddesses, a show which exposes and exorcised the theme of female circumcision in the Middle East, was included in the Miami Herald’s “Top 10 Shows of the Year”. next



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