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Hanan was the featured soloist in the North American tour of Lebanese superstar Fadel Shaker. Hanan‘s signature work is crystallized by the Habibi Trilogy; Habibi, the Habibi Remix, and the Habibi Thinktank. These provocative productions challenge audiences to view two “underground” forms of expression, (bellydancing and breakdancing), associated with “underclass” or “marginal” culture in a global and socio-political perspective.
In addition, Hanan produced the Cuban Hip Hop Film Festival and  The Dance Empowerment Festival with longtime collaborators Arts at St. Johns. In December 2003, Hanan created the “Bellydance Cuba Workshop” and has founded the first bellydance troupe in Cuban history; “Grupo Aisha al- Hanan”. In addition to completing her Master’s Degree in Cuban Studies, Tiffany is currently in post production of the Havana Habibi documentary film. Hanan is now is pre-production of bringing Bellydance to Haiti and Jamaica. Hanan is a highly sought after speaker and artist and has been featured in various documentary films including Bellydance Superstar film, “American Bellydancer”.